San Miguel County, New Mexico




Over the years, volunteers visited the cemeteries in New Mexico, extracted names from the
tombstones, and then published the information in The Genealogist, the quarterly magazine
of the New Mexico Genealogical Society in Albuquerque, NM.  These records are available
on a CD containing 40 years of The Genealogist.  Please visit their website:

In Sep 2006, Nancy Anderson (NMGS President) approved the release of this information for
posting on this page. 

Write to me (Angela) at for a lookup.  Please put “San Miguel” in the subject
line of your email, along with the name of the cemetery


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NMGS Issue Name of Cemetery Location

Sep 1973

El Macho

Located on the side of the road leading into the heart of the Pecos Wilderness

Mar 1975

Holy Family

Located in Rowe, 32 miles SE of Santa Fe off I-25

Jun 1975

St. Anthony’s (new)

Located in Pecos between Santa Fe and Las Vegas, 6 miles N of I-25 on State Road 63

Dec 1975

Pecos Mine

Located .6 mile N of the settlement of Terrero on State Highway 63

Sep 1976

St. Anthony’s (old)

Located on the grounds of St. Anthony’s church in Pecos on State Highway 63

Sep 1978

San Pablo

Located in the yard of San Pablo church

Mar 1981

San Geronimo

Located half mile from the San Geronimo church

Mar 1981

La Manga

Located in the church yard of La Manga church, half mile west of Highway 85, seven miles S of Las Vegas

    Mar 1991
    Mar 1993


Located in Las Vegas, there are actually three cemeteries—the Masonic Cemetery, the International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, and Montefiore Cemetery.

Jun 1981


Located N of the church in Sapello on a street turning east off State Road 3

Jun 1981

San Juan

Located on the road entering San Juan, about 1 mile NW of Highway 85 and 25 miles SW of Las Vegas

Sep 1981

Our Lady of Sorrows

Located by Our Lady of Sorrows church

Sep 1981

San Agustin

Located N of the county road going out of San Agustin to La Concepcion (12 miles southeast of Las Vegas)

Sep 1993


Located in the ghost town of Aguilar

Sep 1997


Located on State Road 419 between Trementina and Mosquero near Lagartija Creek

Sep 1997

Trementina Creek

Located 40 miles NE of Santa Rosa, on the W side of Trementina creek, north of State Road 419

Sep 1997

San Rafael

Located 40 miles NE of Santa Rosa and 46 miles E of Las Vegas

Dec 1997

Trementina Presbyterian

Located 40 miles NE of Santa Rosa, on the W side of Trementina creek, S of State Road 419

Mar 1998


Located on Rowe Mesa, .5 mile off State Road 34

Jun 1998

Montezuma Seminary

Located on the campus of the United World College of the America West in Montezuma

Sep 1999


Located 6 miles S of Trementina on NM 104

Dec 1999

Los Alamos Santo Nino

Located 13 miles NE of Las Vegas

 Sep 2000

Arrollo de Las Conchas

Located near the Conchas River and Conchas Dam, about 5 miles SE of Trementina

Dec 2001


Located 31 miles E of Ls Vegas on old State Road 65